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Born Wales, 1947



1972       MFA, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1970       SATTC1, Swansea College of Education, Wales

1969       SATTC2, Swansea College of Education, Wales

1966 -

1967       Cardiff College of Art, Wales

One Man Exhibitions

1991       Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1987       Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1983       Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1980      Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1977       Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1973       Dedic Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA     

               Old York Road Art Guild, Jenkintown, PA, USA

               Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA, USA

Group Exhibitions

1988       Realism Now, Judy Youens Gallery, Houston, TX, USA

1878       Really Real, Really Unreal, Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

               About Face: Squibb Gallery, Princeton, NJ, USA

               Realism : United States Courthouse, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1977       Contemporary Art of Philadelphia: Squibb Gallery, Princeton, NJ, USA

1976       17th Annual Painting & Awards Exhibition: Cheltenham Arts Centre, PA,USA    

               Drawings by Philadelphia Artists: Beaver Colledge, Glenside, PA, USA

1975       Earth Art: Children's Hospital , Philadelphia, PA, USA

              Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University State College, PA, USA

              Earth, Air & Water: Welsh Art Council, Wales, UK

              Galarie Arnesan, Copenhagen, Denmark

              International Sommerdstilling, Basel, Switzerland

1974       Small Paintings: Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA, USA

               New Talent Exhibition: Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1973       Outreach: Philadelphia Museum of Art , Philadelphia, PA, USA

              Tyler Faculty Exhibition, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA

              Eighth Dublin National Print & Drawing show: Dublin, Ireland

1972       Museum of Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA

               13th Annual Painting Awards Exhibition: Cheltenham Arts Centre, PA,USA 

              MFA Show: Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

1971        International House, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

               Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

               New York Art Alliance, New York, NY,USA


               Elizabeth Greenshields Memorial Foundation Grant, Montreal, Quebec, Canada                            1972-73, renewed 1973-74

               Fellowship Grant Award, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia,                                PA, USA

Public Collections

               American Telephone & Telegragh Company

              Cooke & Bieler

              Dechert, Price & Rhoads

              Municipal Museum, Pego, Spain

              Philadelphia Museum of Art

              Wistar Institute


              Hahnemann Hospital

              One Reading Center

              Wistar Institute

              University of Pennsylvania




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